‘Lion Mama’, gets help from Crowdfunders

Written by on September 12, 2017

A crowdfunding campaign has been established to help an Eastern Cape mother charged with stabbing three men, one of whom were stabbed to death. She had allegedly caught them gang raping her daughter (27).

The funds are set to cover the woman, known as ‘Lion Mama’ or ‘mother lioness’s’, legal fees.

The 55-year-old mother, who cannot be named, is currently out on R500 bail and has been charged with murder and attempted murder.

Lion Mama has told Iol that she does not regret what she did; she stabbed those men because she feared what may happen to her daughter after they had allegedly raped her.

The two suspects, Xolisa Siyeka and Mncedisi Vuba, are being held in custody, charged with rape.
The community believes that Lion Mama’s actions were not a crime, but an act of self-defence, reports eNCA.

In early September, Lion Mama described what happened on SAfm radio, as noted by Iol.

“I received a call from my mother saying two girls had come to tell her that my daughter was being raped by three men,” she told SAfm Midday live.

“I called the local police forum but could not get through. I then left my house with a knife because it was late at night.

“About 100m from the house I could hear my daughter crying. I went in and saw them on the bed. The deceased was facing my daughter; the other was behind my daughter. The other was kneeling over my daughter.

“I came in my, phone flashlight on, and I asked: ‘What are you doing?’ They didn’t respond. But instead they stood up and came towards me,” she said.

“The first came running in my direction. I was frightened and I moved out of the way and while pulling my knife out I stabbed him. The second one I struggled with. I fell to the ground on my knees, but by God’s grace, he tripped over a chair and fell, and I stabbed him too.”

She said that the third man tried to escape through a window. “I chased him into another room and stabbed him too. He fell on his face.” she said.

She left the house and by then the community leader had arrived. “I told him to call the police for me and an ambulance for the young men. My work here was done,” she said.

Lion Mama will appear in court on 8 October, reports Destiny Connect.



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