Reporting in Zimbabwe is ‘risky business’

Written by on October 11, 2017

Sten Zvorwadza, a Zimbabwean activist has been arrested for calling President Robert Mugabe a ‘dead man walking’.

Sten is the leader of the street vendors committee and was put under fire for insulting the President in a press interview.

In the interview, he refers to the Zimbabwean President as ‘old and dying’.
Sten is known to be an avid anti Mugabi advocate and has made multiple efforts to organise and lead demonstrations.

The dire economic situation in Zimbabwe has resulted in many people getting involved in informal trading.

According to Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, Sten is yet to appear in court for his slander.

According to , Mugabe has ruled since 1980 and over the years, has sent for the arrest of critics.

In March 217, two journalists were jailed due to their working the president in bad light. A pastor was also detained for religiously prophesying that President Mugabe would die on October 17th this year.

In a recent incident, a journalist was arrested for reporting that First Lady Grace Mugabe was donating second hand under garments to supporters.

Regardless of his age and deteriorating health, ZANU-PF has endorsed him for candidacy for the 2018 elections.



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