Shootout in Midrand

Written by on October 31, 2017

Two policemen and one suspect have been wounded in a shootout at Kyalami Corner, Midrand on Tuesday morning.

According to Iol, four suspects had hijacked a police vehicle with an officer inside.

Police chased after the vehicle which was hastily abandoned while the suspects fled into a shopping mall in Kyalami.

At this point, a shootout ensued.

Times Live reports that the officer who was kidnapped was shot in the upper body but is a stable condition.

Another police officer was shot while the suspects and police exchanged fire.

Initially it was though that one of the suspects was killed, however, Fourways Review reports that paramedics had managed to find a pulse.

Iol reports that one suspect has been arrested while two others remain at large.

The shopping mall has been cordoned off and residents are urged to steer clear of the area, reports eNCA.



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