Fikile Mbalula blocks civilian for sexting

Written by on November 3, 2017

Minister of Police, Fikile Mbalula, has had enough of being harassed on social media.

Michelle Klassen, a 43-year-old woman from Manenberg, was blocked on Whatsapp by Minister Mbalula apparently due to her consistent sexting.

MSN states that Klassen reached out to the media to publicly complain about how Mbalula made promises to her that he is now failing to keep.

She takes us back to October 13, where she first met the Minister.

He was walking through the gang ridden area discussing possible strategies with the residents.

She explained to him that was she was a victim of police brutality and that shortly after her articles about the abuse were published, the police went by her house again to threaten and intimidate her.

According to Klassen, Mbalula was empathetic and suggested that she take his Whatsapp number.

However, when she texted him the third time she found that he had blocked her.

She is mindful to assert that at first, he was respectful and empathetic to her situation so she does not know what could have warranted this act.

Now she is hurt and feels side-lined as a civilian who called out for help.

Reports state, however, that Mbalula provided a different account.

According to the Minister, he had blocked Klassen for a valid reason.

He was moved by her story and offered his number so he could assist her.

Klassen however, did not seem interested in the help.

Instead, she sent ‘funny’ sexual quips.

Upon hearing Mbalula’s version of events, Klassen claimed that the Minister is a liar.

“Sy ma se m**r. Hy sal al daai k** praat om homself te beskerm,” (profanity – he will speak nonsense to protect himself).





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