Kevin Spacey has ‘no respect for personal space’

Written by on November 3, 2017

House of Cards star, Kevin Spacey, has been accused by eight of his co-workers for creating a hostile work environment and one for sexual assault.

According to News24, those who have stepped forward with their complaints have asked to remain anonymous in fear of the professional damage it would incite on their careers.

Reports assert that there has been a general consensus on set that Spacey’s behaviour was predatory and invasive.

On the list of assaults are crude comments, inappropriate touching, lack of respect for personal space and a particular preference for young male staff.

When contacted for comments on the matter, both Netflix and Spacey’s publicist declined.

Since then, the production of House of Cards is said to have been suspended until further notice.

One incident that has widened the hole to sink Spacey’s ship, is an allegation by a man who requested to remain anonymous.

According to the man, he and Spacey had a relationship which ultimately ended up with Spacey trying to rape him.

Spacey has been under fire for multiple counts of sexual assault dating back to 1986.

Amid the ever growing list of accusations, the talent agency he was signed to, CAA, has chosen to distance itself from the saga by dropping him as a client.

His publicist, Staci Wolfe, has dropped him as a client too.



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