Emtee claps back

Written by on November 6, 2017

Following Emtee’s accidental manhood exposure incident, the rapper has released a new single, clapping back at his haters.

Images of Emtee’s manhood went viral after he accidentally live streamed himself going to the bathroom on Instagram.

Twitter was remorseless in their comments.

Emtee’s new song, My enemies, is addressed to these so called haters.

In his song, he raps: “You be out here on your phone, posting on some kinda sh*t. Ni*gas is out there just talking and yapping. They hating on us because we do things.”

“You were cool when I was ashy, now I’m clean. It’s an issue, you just mad because I’m not trying to pop bands with you. Not trying to trap with you. Not trying to laugh with you.”

Watch the music video here.



Image credit: (Moosa Kaula)



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