Fikile Mbalula encourages officers to do their job

Written by on November 6, 2017

On the last day of the Police Union’s central executive meeting in Pretoria, Minister of Police Fikile Mbalula encouraged police officials to fight ‘fire with fire’ when handling criminal matters.

He asserts that delinquents are arrogant in their criminal endeavors and must be stopped.

To illustrate, Minister Mbalula referred to social media. He states that criminals are too comfortable documenting their activities with stolen money. They are not afraid of being caught.

Minister Mbalula additionally addressed the matter of political campaigning disturbing the work of officers. He urged officers to focus on decreasing crime and recommended that they steer clear of political agendas as it leads to a divided work environment.

According to MSN, last month, Mbalula is reported to have instructed officers to ‘crush balls (of criminals) and (make them) drink urine’.

The Minister clarified his statement Police Union’s meeting by asserting that it was a figurative statement and he wanted police officers to create an unbearable environment for those who commit crimes.

The head of Criminal Intelligence is reported to now directly liaise with Minister Mbalula and bypass the acting National Commissioner Lesetia Mothiba.

Minister Mbalula is now a part of the daily mailing list of Crime Intelligence and receives weekly briefings from the heads of various units and issue instructions directly to the heads.

According to MSN, the South African Police Union is unimpressed and states that Mbalula is out of his depth and should rather employ someone to oversee operations as opposed to him doing it himself.



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