Jacob Zuma refuses to answer one specific question during parliamentary question time

Written by on November 6, 2017

Jacob Zuma refused to answer a question and the Democratic Alliance is taking him to court for it.

According to EWN, last week Musi Maimane asked the how much money had been spent in legal costs rebutting the DA’s proposal to have charges of corruption against him restored.

Zuma refused to answer, prompting the DA to exit the building. Maimane refers to Zuma’s refusal to answer as disrespectful.

Reports assert that Maimane deems it important to know how much has been spent on the 10 year long case popularly known as #SpyTapes.

In a previous question time session, Zuma stated that it is the duty of the state to pick up legal costs. What these costs amounted to, was deemed as irrelevant.

The DA has put forth that they will propose a motion of no confidence in the Deputy Speaker for continuously refusing to practice impartiality in the house.

In a later statement, President Zuma is reported to have stated that each employee of the state has access to the benefit of legal representation and refused to engage with Maimane due to the fact that the question was part of a larger political ploy to discredit him.



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