Exclusive Books refuses to recall ‘My President’s Keeper’

Written by on November 6, 2017

Government agencies have demanded that book retailers take The President’s Keeper off the shelves.

According to Eye Witness News, Exclusive Books state that they will do no such thing.

The President’s Keeper, authored by Jacques Pauw, makes claims that President Zuma evaded taxes for the first five years of his time in presidency.

Exclusive Books asserts that they will continue to stock the books and should the government have a problem, the matter should be taken to court.

There is no hate speech or harmful explicit content; therefore there are no valid grounds for Exclusive Books to revoke the material.

CEO Benjamin Trisk states that it is their duty to stock material that represents differing opinions about an array of subjects and The President’s Keeper is no different.

Reports that Exclusive Books has decided to recall the book have been confirmed as false.



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