Meek Mill receives 2-year jail sentence

Written by on November 7, 2017

Meek Mill has violated his probation once again and will now be expected to spend a minimum of two years in prison.

The rapper has been arrested for reckless driving and for being involved in a major brawl in New York.

Weeks before, Meek was pardoned for fighting with a fan but was given a slight warning and community service which he served at the Veterans Association in Philadelphia.

In 2009, the 30-year-old rapper was convicted for involvement in drugs and illegal weaponry.

He has been on probation since then.

According to MSN, the judge had no choice but to jail him for his repeated incident.

Reports show that Meek was first jailed for handling illegal firearms at the age of 18.

Since then he has counts of assaulting a police officer, and a further four instances of being jailed for defaulting on the conditions of his probation.




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