Mariah Carey accused of sexual harrassment

Written by on November 9, 2017

Mariah Carey’s head of security detail, Michael Anello, has accused her of sexual harassment which has taken place on more than one occasion.

According to MSN, Anello worked for Carey for just under two years.

It is alleged that she has neglected to pay him $200 000 that is owed, and has denied the agreement of extending his contract for an additional two years.

TMZ reports that the suit lodged against Carey is on hold as the two parties make an effort to come to a mutual agreement on the best way forward.

In his statement, Anello claims that Carey insisted on only being surrounded by black guys and not white.

In addition, it is alleged that Carey has humiliated him and his co-workers by referring to them as ‘hate groups’.

There are also accusations of Carey exposing herself to him.

On numerous occasions, apparently Carey performed sexual acts in hope that the sexual innuendos would be seen by Anello.

MSN reports that Carey exposed her nude self to Anello on a trip to Cabo under the guise of needing assistance with luggage.

Anello wanted to leave but she insisted he stayed to move the luggage, according to his version of events.

No physical contact was made.

According to Anello, Carey allegedly has referred to him as skinhead, KKK participant, Nazi and a white supremacist.





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