House of Cards production on hold

Written by on November 13, 2017

Since Kevin Spacey has been fired from House of Cards, the expectation to conclude the series on a high note and then rework it, has placed writers and directors under immense pressure.

According to MSN, Melissa Gibson and Frank Pugliese are to modify the show without Spacey.

The new storyline is alleged to place Claire Underwood (Frank Underwood’s wife played by Robyn Wright) in the center of the new season.

Season 5 ended with the First Lady of the US, Clair Underwood replacing Frank Underwood as president.

Netflix is yet to decide if they are allowing season 6 of the series to air.

The decision is expected to be released in two weeks due to crew staff needing to fulfill contractual work obligations on other shows.

Due to numerous sexual harassment allegations, Spacey has been withdrawn from a new movie, All the Money in the World, said to be directed by Ridley Scott.



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