Soldier shot 17 times by her boyfriend

Written by on November 13, 2017

A South African National Defense Force soldier was shot by her boyfriend 17 times during a peace keeping mission in Congo.

A military funeral was held for her on Saturday.

MSN reports that the Ngeleka’s father asserts that the shots were intentional.

“He meant to kill her because he shot in the head, hands and in the back “, states Nkosinathi Ngeleka, the victims’ father.

The family is saddened at the loss of their daughter and disappointed that it happened at the hands of another soldier.

According to MSN, the suspect is hospitalized with critical wounds in Congo and could be wheelchair bound if he makes it.

It is alleged that the suspect attempted to take his own life shortly after killing his girlfriend.

When asked if the suspect would be charged for murder, SANDF responded by saying that he would be, but for utilizing state property to commit a felony and not murder.

Ngeleka joined the army in 2011 and was a mother to an 11-year-old girl.



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