Katy Perry’s denied visa to Victoria’s Secret

Written by on November 17, 2017

Katy Perry has had her visa revoked and Harry Styles will now be performing in her place.

The 33-year-old hit maker was initially granted the visa to perform in Shanghai, however after intricate research, government officials discovered that in 2015 during her performance in Taiwan, she had worn sunflowers on her stage outfit.

The sunflower had been adopted as an emblem representing anti-China protesters.

Perry also waved the Taiwanese flag during her performance to show her support for the country, which has been at war with China for years fighting for its independence.

According to MSN, every artist who has the desire to perform in China, gets scrutinized by officials.

They sift through their press reports and social media to see if they have done anything offensive to the Chinese culture.

Yesterday, Gigi Hadid was refused a visa because of a video she had posted and deleted in February. The video was of the model holding up a Buddha shaped biscuit.

This was deemed offensive, as she was making an attempt to imitate the figurine.



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