Water shortage threatens wine industry

Written by on December 12, 2017

The South African wine industry is anticipating an extremely small harvest on account of the water shortage in the Western Cape.

According to Eyewitness News, a study conducted by the South African Wine Industry Information and Systems has revealed that wineries will produce a smaller harvest in 2018.

AgriSA’s Carl Opperman has said: “In the wine industry, we are expecting that we’ll be down between 6% and 18% this year due to the drought, which will give us a much smaller crop than we’re used to.”

Opperman points out that the quality of the wine will not be hindered.

According to Business Report, the industry’s irrigation dams are only 30% – 40% full, which in turn has affected the supply of water to local grapevines.

As a result, the water demands of the vines were not met.

VinPro Managing Director Rico Basson told Business Report that South Africa is not the only country expecting a smaller harvest.

Natural phenomena, in wine producing countries such as France, Spain, California and Italy, in combination with an increase in demand is expected to cause a worldwide wine shortage in certain categories.



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