Life after presidency: Mugabe ‘keeps’ limo

Written by on December 19, 2017

Despite the drastic budget cuts made by the Zimbabwean government, following Former Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe’s lavish trip to Singapore, Mugabe has reportedly been allowed to keep his presidential limousine.

Zimbabwe Independent reports that the limousine, which once carried the white “Zim 1” number plate, now contains an ordinary yellow one.

A source has revealed to Zimbabwe Independent that on the Mugabes’ trip to Singapore, Grace Mugabe insisted that she travel with six body guards, and refused to take only three.

The source stated that the family was accustomed to travelling with a security team of 80 guards.

It has also emerged that current Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa has allowed Mugabe to use a wing of the Zimbabwe House as his office during retirement.

“He will use that wing to host visitors who may want to visit him during his retirement. He also has a library space that he may choose to use. Mnangagwa wants Mugabe to be as comfortable as possible during his retirement,” the source told Zimbabwe Independent.

According to Zimbabwe Independent, Mugabe spent US$32,1 million on foreign trips between January and September in 2017, despite the US$20,6 million annual budget.

Mugabe was forced to step down in November and hand the baton to Mnangagwa, his successor, after the Zimbabwean Defence Forces took control of the country.



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