Woman eats 105 slices of bread a week

Written by on December 21, 2017

Twitter has commended DJ Zinhle for stepping in to help a woman who uses binge eating as a coping mechanism to deal with her emotions.

In last night’s episode of It Takes A Village a young woman, Andile, opened up about how she became an emotional eater after she had been bullied.


Andile explained that she had been bullied up until she became an adolescent.

Andile admitted to eating unhealthy foods and having regular binges.

She said that she would sometimes eat at least 105 slices of bread in one week, and would instantly down a litre of fizzy drinks.

“When I’m angry, I eat a lot…Five to six times a day,” she said.

Andile turned to DJ Zinhle for help, saying that she was ready to change.

“Thank you for sharing Andile’s story and what you have done for her. You are an AMAZING woman,” one woman wrote on Instagram.


Image credit: (DJ Zinlhe)



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