Are you fit to play Brenda Fassie?

Written by on January 11, 2018

London-based film and television production company Showbizbee has announced that they will be informing the public on how to apply for the role of Brenda Fassie in the upcoming film about the late South African anti-apartheid Afropop singer.

Showbizbee has acquired rights to film the story of Brenda Fassie, which is expected to air later this year.

The film is titled Brenda: The True Story.

According to a statement by Showbizbee, all female South Africans will be given the opportunity to apply for this role.

“The main role will be open for auditions across South Africa. This initiative will give the opportunity for any female across the country to apply for this challenging and honourable role for the movie,” Showbizbee said.

Twitter has already been making predictions about who the role should be given to.


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