‘Karma is a b*tch,” Helen Zille to “gloating Joh’burgers”

Written by on January 29, 2018

Western Cape Premier Helen Zille has apologized for posting a tweet in which she slammed Johannesburg residents who were apparently gloating about having enough water to waste. 

“For all the gloating Joh’burgers, please remember: Karma can be a real b*tch,” Zille tweeted.



A resident replied with an image of a large amount of water bottles which they have filled and are intending to send to Cape Town.

“I don’t know of any Jo’burgers gloating but I do know of our community collecting water to send to CT…” the user posted.



Zille explained that she had apparently meant to reply to a different tweet, one in which a user implied that they have enough water to waste in Johannesburg.




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