Distruction Boyz “stole” Omunye

Written by on February 12, 2018

It has emerged that the infamous duo Distruction Boyz have allegedly stolen the hit, Omunye, from another artist.

According to City Press, a music comparative analysis report has found several similarities between the Distruction Boyz’ Omunye and DJ LAG’s Trip to New York, which was released only three months before Omunye.

City Press claims to have seen this 31-page report, which was compiled by song analysis expert and trained musician Sakhile Moleshe.

Though the lyrics are completely different, Moleshe says that the tempo, key signature, instrumentation and lead melodies of the two songs are identical.

This has led Moleshe to believe that Omunye was in fact copied from Trip to New York.

Distruction Boyz have since denied stealing DJ LAG’s beats, claiming to have bought the song from Cape Town producer DJ Mphyd.

Listen to the tracks below.



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