Facebook is testing a “dislike” button

Written by on February 12, 2018

Facebook may soon have a “downvote” button, but only for comments.

Several screenshots have been shared on social media, by the few users who have apparently been selected as part of the testing process.



Following the screenshots, a Facebook representative confirmed to The Verge that the company is in fact testing a downvote button, but that “it’s only intended to be a method for flagging questionable comments on public posts.”

Essentially, when the downvote button is clicked, the comment will be hidden to the person who clicked it.

Users will then be prompted to say whether the comment was “offensive,” “misleading,” or “off topic.”

Speaking to The Verge, the Facebook representative emphasized that they are not testing a dislike button.

Its purpose would solely be for the moderation of comments, similar to the “report” option.



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