Author: Chizoba Gule

Cash was found and the suspect has been arrested and detained.

Africa’s most profitable airline, Ethiopian Airlines is in the negotiation process of taking over Arik Air.

Minister of Communications, Rudiantara has stated that Google, Twitter and Facebook, to name a few, will face dire consequences if they do not make an effort to block obscene content.

On Wednesday, police officials assisted students however, by Thursday the bridge was deemed too risky and unsafe.

They sift through their press reports and social media to see if they have done anything offensive to the Chinese culture.

It is alleged that President Robert Mugabe and First Lady, Grace are under house arrest.

South Africa is monitoring the situation both as the Chair of the Southern African Development Community and as a neighboring country with bilateral relations.

Although the #FeesCommissionReport was presented half an hour later than advertised and the website crashed, Twitter took to tearing the report and analyzing it piece by piece. This #FeesCommissionReport recommendation is basically a government-backed income-support scheme for commercial banks; a bank bailout that mortgages the lives and labour of poor black students as the price […]

Nzimande reminded the ANC that campaigning is a team effort yet they behave like they campaigned alone after elections.

It is alleged that the suspect attempted to take his own life shortly after killing his girlfriend.



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