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According to Manyi, the notion of filling the top level management and court judges with associates needs to come to end. He asserts that it does not allow the courts to do its job efficiently thus reducing it’s legitimacy.

During the process of making the change from Transnet to Eskom in 2015, Singh’s behavior expressed conflict in his allegiance. The Gupta perks versus South African loyalty.

Gross domestic product has grown 2.5% in the second quarter, allowing the South African economy to exit its technical recession.

With that being said, Herbert Smith asserts that although Bell Pottinger made use of the term ‘white monopoly capital’ in their campaign, there is no evidence that substantiates that it was a term invented by the PR company.

In a drastic attempt to stay afloat, South African Airways (SAA) has resorted to reducing flight routes as well as the number of planes in their fleet. According to News24, SAA has plans to completely remove the Port Elizabeth to Cape Town route as well as those to Central African locations. In addition to this, […]

Mzwanele Manyi buys the previously Gupta owned media outlets, ANN7 and The New Age. According to News 24, Lodidox bought ANN7 for R300 million and The New Age for R150 million and the African National Congress was the first institution to congratulate him – the purchase was finalized on Monday. Manyi was recently involved the […]



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