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Many were under the impression that President Robert Mugabe would resign during his address to the nation on Sunday evening, but the Zimbabwean president angered many by defying all expectations.

Africa’s most profitable airline, Ethiopian Airlines is in the negotiation process of taking over Arik Air.

Minister of Communications, Rudiantara has stated that Google, Twitter and Facebook, to name a few, will face dire consequences if they do not make an effort to block obscene content.

They sift through their press reports and social media to see if they have done anything offensive to the Chinese culture.

President Robert Mugabe has been urged to step down from his presidency by more than one party as the country remains under the control of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF).

It is alleged that President Robert Mugabe and First Lady, Grace are under house arrest.

South Africa is monitoring the situation both as the Chair of the Southern African Development Community and as a neighboring country with bilateral relations.

The Zimbabwean military has taken custody of President Robert Mugabe in what appears to be a military takeover on Wednesday morning.

There have been signed agreements with aircraft manufacturers as well as estate agencies to discuss landing and take-off sites for the flying cars.

It is alleged that Osama Bin Laden’s successor has urged followers of his fathers’ rule to seek vengeance for his death by partaking in terrorist attacks in the United States of America.



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