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It is alleged that President Robert Mugabe and First Lady, Grace are under house arrest.

South Africa is monitoring the situation both as the Chair of the Southern African Development Community and as a neighboring country with bilateral relations.

Although the #FeesCommissionReport was presented half an hour later than advertised and the website crashed, Twitter took to tearing the report and analyzing it piece by piece. This #FeesCommissionReport recommendation is basically a government-backed income-support scheme for commercial banks; a bank bailout that mortgages the lives and labour of poor black students as the price […]

It is alleged that Osama Bin Laden’s successor has urged followers of his fathers’ rule to seek vengeance for his death by partaking in terrorist attacks in the United States of America.

Zuma refused to answer, prompting the DA to exit the building. Maimane refers to Zuma’s refusal to answer as disrespectful.

Exclusive Books asserts that they will continue to stock the books and should the government have a problem, the matter should be taken to court.

According to MSN, last month, Mbalula is reported to have instructed officers to ‘crush balls (of criminals) and (make them) drink urine’.

Mbalula states that Klassen, however, did not seem interested in the help. Instead, she sent ‘funny’ sexual quips.

The spokesperson at Aaron Motsoaledi’s Ministry of Health passed away on Friday afternoon and the causes of his death are unknown.

President Jacob Zuma has issued several changes to the National Executive.



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