Charlotte Kemp / Future Focused Business

Charlotte Kemp is a professional speaker, author, social media trainer and futurist and is delighted to be part of the Hashtag Radio team.

Coming from an experience of losing a franchise business a few years ago, and still feeling the financial after shocks, she is well aware of the implications of getting business wrong as well as the thrill of seeing one’s own work succeed and get traction.

In order to explore what went wrong in her business, Charlotte wrote and self-published a book called “I’m Not Afraid of the F Word, 50 Lessons learned on the way to business failure.” The subject of this books was the content for numerous motivational talks to business owners, networking groups and even MBA students.

While using social media to market herself, Charlotte learned how powerful these platforms can be and soon responded to clients’ requests to teach them what she had learned about social media. Thus began a long and interesting career as a social media trainer and key noter covering many aspects such as marketing and PR, sales, networking, personal branding and more. She still owns the site and does in house LinkedIn training for corporates.

But it was the discover of the range and depth of the field of strategic foresight and futures studies that has really inspired Charlotte to explore these principles more in her professional speaking career.

A member of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa (PSASA), Charlotte and her husband, Past President of PSASA, Richard Mulvey, are actively involved in the speaking community. Charlotte has also served as Secretary to the Global Speakers Federation allowing her to learn from the experience of speakers from around the globe.




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