Cindy Pivacic / Presenter of #EntrepAWho

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‘Entrep-A-Who’ will celebrate the wisdom of Entrepreneurs who through their business and personal expertise have added the title of Author to their bio’s.


Everyone wants to be an author so we will also be discussing the pleasures and pitfalls of the industry of self-publishing versus traditional publishing.


By bringing in our local talent, we get to hear how they grew their business and got their books off the ground, whether it was a ‘forced’ change such as retrenchment or just, so over the corporate world. I will ask the scary and uncomfortable questions of failure before success, you have been warned. (book giveaways, oh yeah). #EntrepAWho


Personal Bio


Cindy is always on the lookout for a new challenge. The biggest one of all sent her on a unique if somewhat terrifying journey initially.


Having been in Sales & Marketing all her life, she found herself retrenched, HIV positive (2004) and nowhere to turn to, except inward.

Defying numerous health issues, she decided to take on the world by disclosing her status, come what may.


Cindy began speaking, training and subsequently authored two books related to her HIV journey and working life which evolved into her PR Ninja business where she now engages in her role as PR Ninja to self-published Author-Entrepreneurs.


All of the above lead to #HashtagRadio, providing yet another opportunity to engage with the public.



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