Hani du Toit / Presenter

Throughout her schooling, despite being an enthusiastic learner, her reports usually held the consistent complaint that “Hani talks too much in class”.

She has turned that love of great conversation into a thriving business as a communication coach and founder of The Leadership Factory, a professional speaker and facilitator. She works with companies to enhance their performance through improving their culture.

As a Muslim woman, Hani is inspired by the possibility of breaking barriers and building human connection. This has taken her around the world building inclusivity, developing leadership and celebrating cultural diversity. She carries this love into her work with corporates and universities, in boardrooms and townships, locally and abroad. Imagine a world where we each committed to “connect-inspire-grow” first our Self, within our relationships and ultimately our community!

Hani lives a life of many passions, always wanting to discover what’s possible at the next level. Depending on the day or season, you could find her buried in a book, cooking up a storm, teaching conflict resolution skills, painting in water colour, lecturing at TSiBA, hosting extended family lunches, writing poetry or memoir, nursing her tiny vegetable garden, coaching Super Woman or travelling off the beaten track with her husband.

While she has no passion for rugby, she is a proud Ikey, a reluctant Matie and fondly recalls her years studying Arabic at Cape Town’s “Bush College”.

Join her on Mondays at noon as she connects with other great coaches in conversations that inspire #nextlevelYou!



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