Magdél Steyn

Magdél is the owner of MagdélSteyn Media – a company with creative future-thinkers focusing on strategic Communication and PR, social media content creation and management, digital marketing, events and personal brand styling and management.

This self-starter does not wait for things to happen & believe in leading by example, which led her to earn the title of “Mover & Shaker” from clients and colleagues. She believes that most of what she’s achieved so far is based on her strong intuitive sense of fairness, her believe that one can stand tall without standing on someone, and her determination to never ever give up.

Magdél has inspired many people, and still do on a daily basis whether it’s in person or via her social networks. People are drawn to her vibrant & straight forward personality, “never-say-die attitude”, wicked sense of humor, and gentleness when dealing with people. She is not only winning hearts and inspiring fellow South Africans, but around the globe.



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