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Thursday morning is when our weekly Wednesday night #TravelChatSA Live Tweet Chat on Twitter hits the Radio airwaves!

Expect anything and everything from can’t-sit-still-in-your-seat road trip music to studio interviews with passionate travel people. We give you fresh information on what to do, see and experience in Cape Town, the Western Cape and beyond – all across the length and breadth of South Africa. Our aim is to be Unapologetically Proudly South African in focus, enticing local travellers and foreign visitors alike to explore and enjoy our beautiful country as a destination.

#TravelChatSA is a non-profit one hour live community travel chat that happens on Twitter every Wednesday night from 19h00 to 20h00. We focus on promoting and celebrating our country’s natural beauty, traditions, diversity, people, places, experiences and much more. Our chatters use the platform to share their knowledge, learn from others in the travel community and be part of a network of people passionate about Travel.  Eventhough our weekly topics focus on South Africa, it is a dynamic and fun Global conversation that anyone can join, learn from and contribute to.

On Thursday mornings we do a quick recap of the previous night’s chat, in case anyone missed out, and then use the bulk of the programme time to get fresh travel related input from local industry professionals, bloggers, product owners and destination marketing organisations.

Climb In, Buckle Up, Listen Up, munch on some road trip snacks, and enjoy the journey with us!


Marlize Stander

Twitter:                       @winelands

Instagram:                  @marlize71

Marlize is a fun-loving Winelands local, passionate about all things travel in South Africa and beyond. Not claiming to be an expert in any particular field, she uses the word ‘lifestyle entrepreneur’ or ‘multi-potentialite’ as a short, sharp job title if pressed for one. The alternative is a lengthy explanation which may still leave the listener wondering! Expect a middle-order batsman kind of vibe – not coming to the pitch in the opening order, but can be counted on to pull through for the team on the day during crunch-time.

In her bag of tricks you’ll find a variety of items including social media marketing, photography and life coaching. Just to make life more fun, there is also a bit of dabbling in the world of music, managing business matters for a Cape Town based performing artist. All of the separate bits add to an interesting mix of things to keep her out of mischief.

Marlize loves the outdoors, hiking, book reading and capturing beauty through the lens of her camera. Social Ballroom and Latin dancing is a natural high from time to time and she is an active member of the local Argentine Tango community in Cape Town. However, on Thursday mornings she is ready to chat about all things TRAVEL and to learn lots along the way while actively engaging with listeners travelling along.



Patrycja Oosthuizen

Twitter:                                @travelopulent  @PatrycjaOo @TravelChatSA

Instagram:                          @travelopulent

Patrycja is the Founder of #TravelChatSA – a non-profit community travel chat on Twitter held every Wednesday evening from 19h00 to 20h00. She is a Social Media Marketing practitioner, Passionate World Explorer, Travel Blogger, Hotel Manager and Founder & Editor of Travel Opulent Box – an online magazine focused on opulent travel in South Africa.

Born in Poland, Patrycja is now living her dream life in the beautiful Mother City. Self-confessed Social Media Freak and follower of hashtags, she is grateful to the community of travel chatters for the success and consistency of her #TravelChatSA initiative – arguably the hottest and longest running Twitter chat About South Africa IN South Africa.

Patrycja is also an eager promoter of #ExplorePoland and world travel in general. She loves people, travels, food, nature and photography and essentially believes that “Everyone is a friend, until they prove otherwise.” Her motto: “Live with no regrets and love with no excuses!”

Join her on Thursday mornings to chat about and celebrate this beautiful country she has made her new Home!



Megan Richards

Megan is the owner and creator of ‘The Authentic Girl’ blog – an online platform specifically aimed at women who loves food, wine, fashion and travel, and with a strong focus on self-love and body positivity. Megan works on a freelancing basis and enjoys being active on her blog and various social media channels as she is passionate about the every-changing and dynamic digital space.

Born and raised in Cape Town, Megan is proud to be living in such a beautiful country as South Africa. “I appreciate the diversity of South Africa and all the adventures I have experienced here. We have world-class facilities for everyone to enjoy. From wine to music, everything we create is coated with Mzanzi magic!”

If she is not blogging or checking out fashion trends, Megan enjoys travelling, shopping, eating out and sampling fine wines. She enjoys capturing these special memories through her photography and sharing them on her social media platforms. She is an active host of the #TravelChatSA community chat on Twitter every Wednesday night and one of the three co-hosts of the Travel Show on Hashtag Radio on Thursday mornings.




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