Naomi Bütow

Naomi is the owner of LIFT Marketing – a through-the-line marketing agency in Cape Town. Her main focus is marketing strategy and planning.

She has been in the marketing industry for almost 2 decades and spent most time as corporate marketing trainer.

In 2014 she founded a business network for mothers in business called Mommy Mall SA – the network grows daily, with a current member base of 63000.

Naomi is passionate about empowerment and knowledge transfer. Via lecturing and training she has empowered thousands of business owners and executives across South Africa on marketing matters.

“Kevin Bacon (not the actor) said that knowledge is power. I believe that I can put power into the hands of people who need it most by providing much needed knowledge in an easily digestible format. Radio allows for such transfer and I count myself lucky to be in the fortunate seat to bring listeners greater knowledge on the topic of motherhood & entrepreneurship by the click of a button” – Naomi Bütow.



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