Spud Goodman

The Spud Goodman Show is an intimate hour with host Spud Goodman, his co-host Gerald Holcolmb, his Aunt Dorothy, who serves as the show’s designated laugher, his show’s orchestra, Accordion Joe, the world’s only Elvis impersonator accordion player and an army of other extended family members. The program originates from Seattle and is currently broadcast in the United States, the United Kingdom and South Africa.

The show does feature celebrity guests and live musical performances similar to most radio entertainment programs but we do so from a clearly different angle. Host Spud Goodman has an innate ability to broach topics with guests that quite often take them into territory they had not visited previously on the air and as most have returned to the show it appears there has been little collateral damage incurred.

Show guests are national and international personalities as we are able to attract the top talent in the entertainment industry today. We are able to do so in large part due to relationships built in our previous incarnation, a nationally syndicated comedy talk show carried on the FOX NET cable
television division. The show’s celebrity guests were reflective of its reach and status as some of those who have appeared on Spud’s prior TV show include Samuel L. Jackson, Donald Trump (our apologies), Michael Moore, Drew Carey, BB King, Jon Stewart, Bill O’Reilly, Tracy Ullman and the list
goes on. The musical guests were as eclectic and varied as They Might Be Giants, Richard Thompson, Rosanne Cash, Jeff Tweedy, Graham Parker and a long list of others. With our current radio program musical guests have been touring independent artists as we are now dedicated to launching new careers. Recent interviews on the radio show include Anderson Cooper, Mike Tyson, George Lopez, Newt Gingrich, Dr. Ruth, Jim Jefferies, Tracy
Morgan, Billy Bob Thornton, Craig Ferguson, Sarah Silverman, Marc Maron and many others.



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