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What does it take? to make or break?

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What makes one business successful and vibrant, while another whimpers to a feeble end? Is it just ineffective sales and marketing? Poor products? Or could it be that the business owners are not responding well enough to changes in the market?

Hosted by local Cape Town professional speaker and futurist, Charlotte Kemp, Future Focussed Business is a new 2 hour, weekly slot on Tuesdays from Noon to 2 pm.

The show will feature guest interviews and conversations highlighting how local South African businesses are using innovation and futures principles to help their businesses survive and become more resilient to rapid changes in both technological innovation and human conditions.

South Africa has many wonderful examples of people and businesses that are innovative, forward thinking, and creative in their problem solving. We have great examples of South African’s in other parts of the world creating amazing products and systems. And it is this innovative spirit that Charlotte Kemp will tap into in her weekly show.

Charlotte will also interview fellow futurists who can share both academic and practical insights that business owners and entrepreneurs can take advantage of.

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