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Passion Project is about highlighting the fact that we can only truly achieve the pinnacle of our potential and purpose if we have passion for what we do.

We aim to change the narrative of what true, holistic success is by exploring the journeys of the brave individuals who have decided to pursue their passion.

How did they realise what their passion is? What did/do they have to sacrifice in pursuit of their passion? What are the ongoing challenges? Are they able to monetize their passion to earn a living from it? What lessons are they willing to share?

There is a widespread hunger for a purpose-filled life. I believe when our innate passions are focused in the right direction, only then can we walk in line with our unique purpose.

Join us weekly for a memorable chat with interesting people and some quality music from all over the African continent.

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Passion Project crew

Blending his twin passions into one show, Spelz hosts a live hour of radio that is nothing short of incredible. Sports fans can look forward to getting a Friday fix of the latest in South African sport news, as well as an earful of exclusive deep house mixtapes.

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Former PR and Marketing Exec, Thembie Phicane, hosts the show along with inspiring weekly guests who share her passion for serving their communities.

Russell Julius: I told myself I’d open every bio whether it’s public or private with the statement: I’m passionate about Jesus Christ.   I have a passion for initiating and building. Whether it’s building business, people or huge sandwiches – I love to build up… and eat.   I’ve had some moderate success as a […]

Jon is a bearded creative-content generator. Some call him hipster. That may well be true – hipsters don’t follow trends, they set them. Jon is a storyteller, visual by trade, aurally by passion. Living in the Mother City, Jon is as passionate about his city as he is about story-telling all the aspects about her, […]



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