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Passion Project is about highlighting the fact that we can only truly achieve the pinnacle of our potential and purpose if we have passion for what we do.

We aim to change the narrative of what true, holistic success is by exploring the journeys of the brave individuals who have decided to pursue their passion.

How did they realise what their passion is? What did/do they have to sacrifice in pursuit of their passion? What are the ongoing challenges? Are they able to monetize their passion to earn a living from it? What lessons are they willing to share?

There is a widespread hunger for a purpose-filled life. I believe when our innate passions are focused in the right direction, only then can we walk in line with our unique purpose.

Join us weekly for a memorable chat with interesting people and some quality music from all over the African continent.

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Passion Project crew

I am a professional actress and presenter and have spent most of my life working in various fields of the media and entertainment industries.   My signature communication skill is my ability to engage with people authentically and with sincere empathy and objectivity.  I am unafraid and compelled to ask questions, no matter how challenging. […]

Nick Leo was born and bred in The Mother City. One of those All-boys school jock type okes, who uses words like “smaak”, “awe” and “bro” in every sentence. For example, “I smaak to jol bro”, or “Awe, let’s hit the gym bro”. Along with being a Personal Trainer for over 8years, I am a […]

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Magdél is the owner of MagdélSteyn Media – a company with creative future-thinkers focusing on strategic Communication and PR, social media content creation and management, digital marketing, events and personal brand styling and management. This self-starter does not wait for things to happen & believe in leading by example, which led her to earn the […]

I bite my nails and LOVE cotton candy. But when it comes to lifestyle and events, I’m there – even if I also forgot the brush my teeth! Originally from Potchefstroom, then a 10 year stay in Pretoria, I now find myself in the beautiful city of Cape Town, and bring you the best of […]

Show Description   #EntrepAWho ‘Entrep-A-Who’ will celebrate the wisdom of Entrepreneurs who through their business and personal expertise have added the title of Author to their bio’s.   Everyone wants to be an author so we will also be discussing the pleasures and pitfalls of the industry of self-publishing versus traditional publishing.   By bringing […]



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